2016 Toyota Prius Astonishes Families with Huge Safety in Efficient Size

Move over SUVs and minivans -- this year's greatest family car is a compact hybrid!

You may say it doesn't have the passenger and cargo space needed for a large family, and... you might have a point. Still, as a second car, or a primary car for a smaller family, the 2016 Toyota Prius has everything you need and more.

Keeping your kids safe and sound is your biggest concern. The Prius is an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, meaning it passed the IIHS's most rigorous crash-safety tests to their highest standards. But in-car safety for small children involves more than the normal considerations for adult-passenger safety.

Having the correct child seat, and installing it properly both make a critical difference in the outcome of a crash for your child.

That's why Toyota's engineers and designers worked around the clock to develop and new-and-improved system for installing child safety seats more easily. Thanks to a revolutionary redesign, called the Prius open-access concept, the 2016 Toyota Prius was one of only three models to earn the highest rating for LATCH ease-of-use by the IIHS -- Good+.

Now, when you take one home from Anderson-Weber Toyota, you can be confident knowing the Prius will not only protect you in a collision, it will make it easier for you to protect your child.

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