Let's Go On An Adventure!

We're taking a tiny break from our "Meet The Team" series to talk road trips. When was the last time you and a few friends just packed up your car and headed out on the open road?  We probably know the answer. More than likely WAY too long ago.

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Unfortunately, we don't hear the younger generation planning epic vacations anymore. At least vacations that involve more than just hopping on a plane and going to your destination. We want to bring back the love for wheels on pavement and the thrill of not knowing what you'll come across while traveling the country.

For us at Anderson-Weber, it's not the destination, but the journey that makes any adventure and we're hoping to reignite that excitement with our newest (and hopefully yearly!) contest: The Epic Summer RAV Trip. 

Below is a quick breakdown:

What we're giving away: Use of a BRAND NEW, completely redesigned 2019 RAV4 Adventure Grade for two weeks for the winner and up to three friends, a brand new GoPro to make memories while on the road, up to $5,600 to spend, and access to various travel equipment from Yakima such as tents, roof racks, bike racks, etc.
Who can win: Any trade school or college students graduating in 2019 - who wouldn't want one last great vacation before being forced to "adult" and get a big kid job?
How to enter: Visit www.epicRAVtrip.com to submit a video or link to a video of you explaining where you would go, who you would take, and what would you do. That's it. We'll pick the winner based on creativity and passion for winning this trip - we want someone who is going to go to exciting places and do fun things so they can update us while they're on their journey!

Far too often are we preoccupied with life, work, school, and responsibilities that we forget what it was like to just hop in a car and go, without a care in the world. Well we want to bring that back! It's time to stop and smell the roses, life is too short to only live to work. Share this contest with your friends, family, students, peers - anyone graduating next year that you think would enjoy something like this. You can also visit www.epicRAVtrip.com for full contest rules, terms & conditions, how to enter and more. 

So tell us about your last road trip! What did you do? Where did you go? We want to hear all about it.

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