Introduced at the L.A. Auto show last November, the 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e is finally making its way to a dealer near you. Joining the family of AWD hybrid vehicles in the Toyota lineup, the all new 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e is in a class all on it's own.

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Fear not Prius lovers - you're not sacrificing any fuel mileage at all by opting for the AWD version. In fact, the EPA still rates the Prius as having a rating of 52 mpg for the city, 48 mpg for the highway, giving you an average of 50 mpg combined!  Not to mention to extra traction the AWD-e provides and living where we do, during the winter we need all the traction we can get! There's no "button" to turn AWD on or off, your car was designed to know when AWD is needed. How cool is that?!

The new Prius AWD-e does come in two different trim levels - LE and XLE. The LE style is still going to come with your standard Toyota SafetySense, however, the XLE model upgrades your seats and mobile device charging capabilities with the new Qi-compatible charging pad, which is really cool if you haven't seen it yet! It also has the new heads-up display, simulated leather upholstery, heated front seats, steering wheel, and side mirrors which will be more than handy come Midwest winter season.

In addition to those upgrades, across the entire Prius family line, there have been some updates, upgrades, and cosmetic changes as well! You can expect a different front and rear styling wtih smaller headlights along with taller and thinner tail lights, making them a bit easier on the eyes.  Inside the Prius, you'll notice some button rearranging has happened, along with some trim accents changing color, and additional USB ports for your rear seat passengers. Finally, now ALL members of the Toyota Prius family come standard with the Toyota SafetySense bundle, including dynamic cruise control, pedestrian detection, lane-departure alert, and automatic high beams.

Now that we officially have one at Anderson-Weber, we're anxious to take it for a ride in some less-than-desirable conditions - like today for example! Come visit us and we'll show you what all the excitement is about.