We just can't stop bragging about how awesome the new Toyota RAV4 is!

Toyota has re-imagined the RAV4 for 2019, giving it a wider stance and sleeker lines. Though the new exterior design might be the first thing you notice about the latest version of the popular SUV, if you look a little closer, you’ll find a slew of new safety and technology features that will have you finding excuses to get behind the wheel.

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With its first redesign since 2013, the RAV4 is bigger, wider and more powerful, yet its 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine now averages 30 to 31 miles per gallon overall. Jason Farrey, a product specialist with Anderson-Weber Toyota in Dubuque, Iowa, pointed out that many of the RAV4’s direct competitors don’t get that kind of mileage on the open road, much less with city and highway driving combined.

The hybrid version of the new RAV4, with mpg rated in the low 40s, will be available soon.

“You won’t see them in our area until April or May,” said Farrey.

There’s much more to the RAV4 than looks and fuel economy at the gas pump. For instance, several standard features are aimed at keeping you and your family safe and comfortable.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

While you are using cruise control, the RAV4 automatically slows down and remains a safe distance behind the car in front of you. It returns to normal speed when that vehicle leaves the highway or moves into another lane.

Road Sign Assist

Do you ever wonder how fast you should drive on a road that’s unfamiliar to you? The RAV 4’s intelligent camera keeps you up-to-date on speed limit, stop and yield signs and displays them on your dashboard.

Lane Departure Alert

If you inadvertently leave your lane of traffic, your RAV4 will let you know about it by setting off an alarm and pulling the vehicle back into the proper lane. This feature works if you are driving 32 mph or faster. If you activate your blinker, your RAV4 will know you want to change lanes and no alarm will sound.

Beyond safety and style, the new RAV4 also offers a new level of comfort through Toyota’s Entune 3.0 multimedia system. It comes standard with Apple Car Play, which syncs your iPhone to your vehicle’s display. Anything you can do on your phone, you do while driving your RAV4. Alexa will be available to you as well.

“It’s just like Alexa at your home,” Farrey said. “You can ask her anything.”

Another great feature of the new RAV4 is remote connect, which allows you to start or stop and lock or unlock your car from anywhere in the United States. So what, you ask? Have you ever flown into an airport in a cold climate, left your vehicle in a freezing parking garage and longed for it to be warm and cozy and ready to head for home as soon as you arrived to pick it up? With the new RAV4, you can warm up your vehicle the minute your plane hits the ground.

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