If you could, would you? Studies show that before anyone ever sets foot in Anderson-Weber Toyota, or any other dealership for that matter, they've already done their homework. Chances are they've already narrowed it down to one or two vehicles, price range, options, etc and are ready to begin negotiating.  Okay great, you've figured out the price, now on to the paperwork. From start to finish, the total time spent AT the dealership when purchases a car can take upwards of SEVEN hours. You read that right. SEVEN HOURS! Who has that kind of time?!  When you factor in your credit application, loan approval, trade-appraisal, and a few other tidbits, no wonder it can take forever.

What would you say if we could save you three hours or more? The beauty of technology today is that you can shop for your next vehicle right from the comfort of your own home. Even better - you can now be pre-qualified, apply for credit, value your trade, AND personalize your own payments on your own terms!
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At Anderson-Weber, we understand and respect that your time is valuable so we do everything we can to ensure the entire purchasing process is as easy and seamless as possible. With our "Structure My Deal" tool, you can start your very own car deal before ever setting foot in our dealership. In just a few steps you could already be pre-qualified AND applied for credit, value your trade, and get the ball rolling on bringing that new ride home!  We've laid out how to use this tool in just 4 easy steps. Check it out right here!