As the world is slowly opening up more and more around us, the urge to get out on the open road is calling!

6 Ways To Make Your Summer Road Trip a Blast | Mighty Mommy

Is your vehicle coast-to-coast worthy? Would you feel safe hopping right in your vehicle and driving 1,000 miles? 

If you hesitated to answer or answered NO, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips that will help you. Check out our top things to check before heading out on the road.

1.      Coolant System. Yes, you’re a delicate flower that needs the AC when the Midwestern heat and humidity set in, but so does your car! Check your coolant fluid level and while you’re at it, give the hoses a once over, especially where it connects. Look for leaks, give the hoses a squeeze and see if you notice any leaks.

2.      Engine Belts. They’re what make the motor go ‘round! Overtime, these belts can become worn, loose, or even just break from wear and tear. Check out the belts you can see and look for cracks, rips, or general wear.

3.      Tires. Good tires aren’t important just for winter. Hydroplaning is a real issue when it comes to balding tires. The more treat you have, the easier it is for your tires to cut through the water, rather than ride on top of it.

4.      Windshield Wipers. You’re driving down the interstate, sun shining, tunes blasting, nothing can ruin this day. Until Mother Nature takes things into her own hands and decides torrential downpour is on the agenda. How are your wipers? Worn, cracked wipers can cause streaky vision so rather than chance it, replace them. They’re inexpensive and life saving.

5.      Other Fluids and Things. When was your oil last changed? How is your windshield washer fluid? What about brake fluid? Speaking of brakes… how are your pads and rotors?

6.      Emergency Kit. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, what are some essentials you can carry with you “just in case?” Most vehicles will have a spare tire and jack that come with the car. Double check that you have these and that your spare tire is properly inflated. Do you have a wheel wrench too? Jumper cables or jump pack for a dead battery. Flashlight and extra batteries in case you’re left in the dark. Always make sure you have a spare phone charger as well, just in case.

When in doubt, give Anderson-Weber a shout! We offer complete multi-point inspections with every service and are currently running a Summer Check-Up Special. For $69.95, we’ll provide you with a multi-point inspection, brake inspection, tire alignment check, tire balance and rotate, and a complimentary battery test.  We’ll have your vehicle road-worthy in no time!