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Meet The Team: Lynn Morrison, Parts Manager Extraordinaire!

Happy Thursday! Yes, we know it's called the "What's Up Wednesday" blog, but due to technical difficulties, we're just one day behind.  This week, we're continuing with our Meet The Team series and introducing you to our Parts Manager, Lynn Morrison!
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Lynn has been with Anderson-Weber for a long time and trust us, the dealership could not function without her!  Anderson-Weber has been a community staple for 65+ years and chances are if you've visited us before, you've been greeting with a "Hello" and a smile from Lynn.  Here's what she has to…
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Meet The Team: Miranda Robinson

Continuing our "Meet The Team" series, this week we bring you another one of our Product Specialists, Miranda Robinson!  Miranda has been with us since April of 2016 and recently upgraded her ride to a brand new 2018 Toyota 4Runner - which she absolutely LOVES! Why does she love the 4Runner so much? "Because it can take me anywhere my heart desires!" says Miranda.
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Meet The Team: Nathan Barker

At Anderson-Weber, we're proud of our staff and all of the unique traits each individual brings to the table to help our company succeed. Having been around for more than 65+ years, we know a thing or two about people and finding the right ones for our customers and their needs.

We want you to get to know our team like we know them so this week, we're featuring our newest member, Nathan Barker! Nate joined our Sales team October 2017 and has been an excellent addition to our family! Read more about Nate below:

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Goodbye Summer - Hello Fall!

Yes, we're a few weeks early with our Fall greeting, but the weather lately has us thinking ahead about inclement road conditions and the headaches that come with it. Which brings us to this week's What's Up Wednesday topic: Autumn Driving Tips.

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Fall is a popular favorite season for any number of reasons! Halloween, sweatshirt weather, pumpkin spiced everything... you name it! It's also a season of change and for us lucky Mid-westerners, you don't have to be a Stark to know that Winter is coming.
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Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Purchasing

Are you shopping for a new automobile or to replace the one you have?

Once you find the car or truck that fits your budget and lifestyle, your next step is to figure out the best way to finance the vehicle. In most cases, you’ll have to choose between purchasing and leasing your new wheels. 

Then you will have to determine the best way to finance it. Even if you can afford to pay cash, that’s not necessarily the right move. Manufacturers such as Toyota offer 0 percent interest on some models.

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Keys to Finding a Car That Suits Your Needs

You’ve decided that it’s time to purchase a new car or truck, and you’re ready to begin shopping for the perfect wheels. But before you start visiting your local dealerships, you might consider doing your homework to determine what you want – and what you really need. 
“You should start by prioritizing,” says Chris Ludescher, who has been a salesman at Anderson-Weber Toyota in Dubuque, Iowa, for the past 32 years. “You have to decide whether you really want this particular feature and do you really need that one.”

Here are 6 things that probably will affect your…
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Welcome to "What's Up Wednesday!"

Happy Hump Day!

Welcome to our "What's Up Wednesday" blog, where our hope is to keep you updated on the goings-on in the Anderson-Weber automotive world and provide you with a useful resource for all things dealership related. Every Wednesday, we'll have something for you to peruse over whether it's our latest community sponsorships, Toyota and Lincoln news/updates, job opportunities, event information, or even tips, tricks, and special deals on purchasing or leasing your next vehicle.
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The Most Patriotic Car in the United States: The Toyota Camry

It's impossible to escape noticing it's an election year, especially in the heart of a swing state. Things in Dubuque can get pretty tense, and the rule "don't talk about politics" may never have been better advice!

Without taking sides, there is always a huge focus on patriotism -- who is the most American? If we may interject, the answer to that one is simple.

The 2016 Toyota Camry ranked…

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2016 Toyota Prius Astonishes Families with Huge Safety in Efficient Size

Move over SUVs and minivans -- this year's greatest family car is a compact hybrid!

You may say it doesn't have the passenger and cargo space needed for a large family, and... you might have a point. Still, as a second car, or a primary car for a smaller family, the 2016 Toyota Prius has everything you need and more.

Keeping your kids safe and sound is your biggest concern. The Prius is an…

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